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    Power Excel 2007 with MrExcel (Video Training)

    Power Excel 2007 with MrExcel (Video Training)

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    Author: Bill Jelen
    Brand: Brand: Que Publishing
    Category: Book

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    Media: Paperback
    Edition: 1
    Pages: 128
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    ISBN: 0789738252
    UPC: 029236738259
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    ASIN: 0789738252

    Publication Date: May 11, 2008
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    Product Description

    Power Excel 2007 with MrExcel


    Mastering the Smartest, Fastest Ways to Use Excel 2007


    Bill Jelen


    For anyone who wants to get more done in less time with Excel 2007—from entrepreneurs to financial analysts, marketers to office managers!


    Bill Jelen (“MrExcel”) presents focused, practical videos that teach you Excel 2007’s best new techniques: supercharged solutions for charting, calculating, formatting, data analysis, automation, and a whole lot more! Click play to follow along as Jelen walks you through using Excel 2007’s most sophisticated features… all you need to do is watch!


    You’ve got Microsoft Excel…now get the most out of it, faster and more easily than ever before! In more than 90 quick video lessons, Bill Jelen (“MrExcel”) shows you all you need to maximize your productivity with Excel 2007.


    Building on the live course he’s taught to thousands of financial professionals, Jelen walks you through Excel’s most powerful features and techniques. Just watch: You’ll master Excel 2007’s new Ribbon interface and most powerful techniques at your own pace—and get  specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them!


    These practical, easy-to-use videos cover Excel 2007’s hottest new features: everything from charting improvements to conditional formatting, filtering to SmartArt. You’ll find up-to-the-minute tips and tricks for using PivotTables, managing and automating worksheets, and a whole lot more—great new solutions that could save you hours every single week!


    Looking for a better way to master today’s rapidly changing technologies? Want expert help but don’t have the time or energy to read a book? Can’t find classroom training worth the money? Discover LiveLessons: self-paced, personal video instruction from the world’s leading experts.


    • LiveLessons is an eight-hour video course organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions—you’ll learn key skills in as little as five minutes!
    •  Each session begins with well-defined learning objectives and ends with comprehensive summaries, which help you track your progress.
    • Follow along as your instructor shows exactly how to get great results in your real-world environment.


    Bill Jelen is known worldwide as MrExcel. He presents live Excel seminars to accountants throughout the U.S. and has logged more than 60 appearances on

    The Lab with Leo Laporte. Honored as a Microsoft MVP for Excel, he has produced 500 episodes of his “Learn Excel from MrExcel” video podcast. He writes the monthly Excel column for Strategic Finance magazine.


    Microsoft Office Spreadsheets/Desktop Applications




    Part 1 Excel 2007 Interface

    Lesson 1 Introducing the Ribbon

    Lesson 2 Quick Access Toolbar

    Lesson 3 Finding Icons

    Lesson 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Lesson 5 Mini Toolbar and Live Preview

    Lesson 6 Zoom Slider and Page Layout

    Lesson 7 Recent Documents

    Lesson 8 Save as PDF

    Lesson 9 Excel Options

    Lesson 10 Opening Templates, Closing Excel

    Part 2 Excel 2007 New Features

    Lesson 11 Unlocking the Big Grid, File Formats

    Lesson 12 Cell Styles and Themes

    Lesson 13 Data Visualizations

    Lesson 14 Tables and Table Formulas

    Lesson 15 Sort and Filter by Color

    Lesson 16 Duplicates

    Lesson 17 Picture Tools and WordArt

    Lesson 18 New Features

    Part 3 Text

    Lesson 19 Drag the Fill Handle to Extend a Series

    Lesson 20 Create Your Own Series

    Lesson 21 Joining Text

    Lesson 22 Rapid Formula Copy

    Lesson 23 Convert to Proper Case

    Lesson 24 Joining Dates

    Lesson 25 Converting Formulas to Values

    Lesson 26 Breaking Apart Text

    Lesson 27 Parsing Fixed Width

    Part 4 Excel Customizations

    Lesson 28 Data Entry Tricks

    Lesson 29 Customize All Future Workbooks

    Lesson 30 Copy Worksheets

    Lesson 31 Change All Worksheets

    Lesson 32 Arranging Windows

    Part 5 Sorting and Subtotals

    Lesson 33 Data Preparation

    Lesson 34 Sorting Basics

    Lesson 35 Random Sort

    Lesson 36 Sorting by Weekday

    Lesson 37 Rearranging Columns

    Lesson 38 Subtotals

    Lesson 39 Collapsing Subtotals

    Lesson 40 Copy Subtotals

    Lesson 41 Formatting Subtotals

    Lesson 42 Multiple Subtotals

    Lesson 43 Filling In Data on Subtotal Rows

    Lesson 44 Subtotal Tricks

    Part 6 Pivot Tables

    Lesson 45 Creating a Pivot Table

    Lesson 46 Changing a Pivot Table

    Lesson 47 Pivot Gotchas

    Lesson 48 Pivot Sorting

    Lesson 49 Drill Down

    Lesson 50 Summarizing Dates

    Lesson 51 Top 10 Report

    Lesson 52 Pivot Calculations

    Lesson 53 Pivot Formatting

    Lesson 54 Unique List

    Lesson 55 Ad-Hoc Queries

    Lesson 56 New Filtering Options

    Lesson 57 50 Reports in 5 Seconds

    Lesson 58 Pivot Compatibility

    Lesson 59 Making Reports Pivotable

    Part 7 Charting and SmartArt

    Lesson 60 Creating and Formatting a Chart

    Lesson 61 Adding or Removing Chart Data

    Lesson 62 Interactive Chart

    Lesson 63 Charting Differing Orders of Magnitude

    Lesson 64 Pie Chart Tricks, Histograms

    Lesson 65 XY and Bubble Charts

    Lesson 66 Saving Favorite Chart Settings

    Lesson 67 Creating Smart Art

    Lesson 68 Formulas in Smart Art

    Part 8 Formulas

    Lesson 69 AutoSum Tricks

    Lesson 70 Formula Auditing

    Lesson 71 Three Ways of Entering Formulas

    Lesson 72 Relative Versus Absolute Formulas

    Lesson 73 Discovering Functions

    Lesson 74 Goal Seek

    Lesson 75 Unusual Functions

    Lesson 76 IF Formulas

    Lesson 77 VLOOKUP

    Lesson 78 IFERROR

    Lesson 79 SUMIFS

    Lesson 80 Super Formulas

    Lesson 81 Date and Time

    Part 9 Macros

    Lesson 82 Recording a Macro

    Lesson 83 Recording Navigation

    Lesson 84 How Many Rows?

    Lesson 85 Event Macros

    Part 10 Tips and Tricks

    Lesson 86 Finding Records

    Lesson 87 Web Queries

    Lesson 88 Copying Column Widths

    Lesson 89 Page Numbering

    Lesson 90 Turn Data

    Lesson 91 & in Header

    Lesson 92 Choose from a List

    Lesson 93 Tool Tips for a Cell

    Lesson 94 Word Processing in Excel

    Lesson 95 Have a Talk with Excel


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